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Web Design Sri Lanka is a well-known digital marketing agency having its office in Moratuwa. The company was established in 2009 and in a short span of seven years, Our web design company has become one of the best Web Design Company in Sri Lanka. With a workforce of young and tech professionals, we come up as the best and most innovative web design company in sri lanka.

Web Design Sri Lanka is one such company which offers all the services related to the internet and digital marketing. We develop the high-quality websites and the services for our clients, who vary from Sri Lankan to even foreign clients.

We do

  • Top quality webdesign and web development
  • Domain name registration / Hosting
  • Advanced web development
  • Search Engine Optimization

Recent Projects

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Our Services

Web Design

Web Development

Domain Name and Hosting Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Applications & Software Solutions

Ecommerce Website Design

Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Google Adwords Campaign

Business Website Design and Development

Travel Website Design and Development

Hotel Website Design and Development

Email Marketing

Mobile App Development

Websites Revamping / Redesign


  • Content management systems
  • Virtual shops and ecommerce
  • Presentation websites
  • Online product websites
  • Portal systems
  • Any other dynamic website


  • Tailored web applications
  • Custom widget development
  • Mobile apps development
  • Enterprise/Business solutions
  • Custom offline software programs
  • Software quality assurance testing
  • Entertainment software solutions


  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search engine marketing
  • Internet advertising
  • Web analysis
  • Facebook / Google marketing

The Process We Follow

Step 1

The first step is understanding your requirement is your site is static or dyanamic What is the diffrent between static website and dyanamic website There are basically two main types of website - static and dynamic. A static site is one that is usually written and what is in the code of the page is what is displayed to the user.

A dynamic site is one that is written using a server-side scripting languages In such a site the content is called in by the scripting language from other files or from a database depending on actions taken by the user. And it includes a admin panel (CMS) to manage website data.

In the first step we do gather information, We do mokups, sketches and more cool things. The first step we collect information about your business. Many things need to be consider about theme color, Format, Features, look and feel and especially we make site user friendly. We care about understanding your customers, and target visitors, a main step in designing your website. as it involves good understanding of the company it is created for. It involves a good understanding of you – what your business target, and how the web can be help help you achieve your business goals.

Step 2

We use a modern technology on every web site design and developed by us. project that involves client feedback and approval every step of development. We will show you a demo link to know what's going on. Site prototypes / demos are useful for two reasons. First, they are the best way to test site navigation and develop the user interface. The outcome is an eye catching creative, top quality web site which is helps to improve your business without limits.

Few main setps here such as web design, Web development, Content writing and more. A comprehensive array of existing styles, themes, motifs, and patterns that the client can select from. after website developed we do a quality test to make sure there are no broken links, broken pages, missing functionality, completed content, etc.

Web Development involves the bulk of the programming work, as well as loading content. Keep code organized and commented, and refer constantly to the planning details as the full website takes shape. Take a strategic approach, and avoid future hassles by constantly testing as you go.

Here what we do at this stage - Build development framework. Code templates for each page type. Develop and test special features and interactivity. Fill with content. Test and verify links and functionality.

Step 3

Website testing and launch, at this point, we attend to the final details and test your web site. We test things such as the complete functionality of forms or other scripts, we test for last minute compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers), ensuring that the site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions. Once we receive your final approval, it is time to deliver the site. We upload the files to your server – in most cases, this also involves installing and configuring WordPress, along with a core set of essential plugins to help enhance the site. Here we quickly test again to make sure that all files have been uploaded correctly, a and that the site continues to be fully functional. This marks the official launch of your site, as it is now viewable to the public.

What’s important to remember is that a website is more a service than a product. It’s not enough to “deliver” a website to a user. You should also make sure that everything works fine, and everybody is satisfied and always be prepared to make changes in another case.Feedback system added to the site will allow you to detect possible problems the end-users face. The highest priority task in this case is to fix the problem as fast as you can. If you won’t, you may find one day that your users prefer to use another website rather than put up with the inconvenience. The other important thing is keeping your website up to date. If you use a CMS, regular updates will prevent you from bugs and decrease security risks.




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