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Best web design companies sri lanka Whether you're a small business owner selling pastries to New Yorkers or a retail chain selling men's apparel across the globe, Techmagnate, professional website design company, can help you get your online store established quickly and easily. We provide complete e-commerce website design, development and maintenance services tailored to your individual need. If you don't know what you want, one of our experts will advise you on how to get your online business going and even boost your sales with our web design sri lanka

Our proprietary E-Commerce Solution features a Shopping Cart, Product Catalog, Content Management System, Payment Gateway Integration, Order Processing, Inventory Management etc. Our modular design means that you can pick and choose the combination of components that best meet your requirements. Alternatively, we can help design and integrate your website with popular 3rd party tools like Yahoo Store, Monster Store, Store Front etc Unique web design with interactive UI that have better user experience,web design sri lanka lesser bounce rates, stand out to give you an edge over competitors & have that wow factor can compel your visitors to convert. Our creative website designing team spends time to understand your business objectives & target niche before starting the designing process.Your website is the high spot of all your marketing efforts & we strive to make it effective so that it can speak directly to your potential customers & generate new leads. Our web design team visualizes the site with sales perspective to build a website that not just looks great but can convert visitors into customers.

When it comes to your marketing dollar, you need a solid digital strategy customized to your specific business requirements & a well-structured web design sri lanka

line with your marketing plan. Our affordable web design service is carried out by an experienced team who spends time understanding your industry and target market before starting the web designing process. User Centric Websites Customized to Your Business We are specialized in designing creative user centric websites customized to your business goals & targeted niche.Our creative team of web designing experts aims to combine technical proficiency with creativity to create something extraordinary. We understand websites make businesses, so should be planned as per your business objectives and customer's psyche. So, we design websites that 'attracts' and 'sells' too. At web design sri lanka

we do extensive Requirement analysis before initiating any web design project, so that you get as and what has been desired. We not just deliver a web design service but deliver 100% satisfied customized web design that will be an industry example and outdo your competitors. As an established Website, we have more than Best web design companies sri lanka years of extensive experience in designing custom websites for every industry sector including Corporate, Retail, E-commerce, Health, Travel, IT, Entertainment, Squeeze pages, Education, etc. With more than 300 satisfied clients worldwide and 550 + websites designed, we are proud to be the no.1 choice of offshore clients globally for outsourcing web design services

Why miss a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have a website on the tops on search engine rankings, safely and hack-free?
web design sri lanka

It's an art of shaping your dreams into an authoritative design or website that will serve as a bridge between your business objectives and your target audience. It conveys your true moral and ethical values and thoughts that revolve around your entire business prodigy. At web design sri lanka , we acknowledge that every single website, be it static or dynamic, responsive or an e-commerce, how crucial it is to design and develop it in the most interactive and efficient corporate website for your business. We are certainly the web design sri lanka trusted partners you have been waiting for website designing and development, as we have achieved this proficiently, over and over, time and again.

(Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Search Media Optimization) team to help you in achieving the position

web design sri lanka

- Leading Static Website Designer

The latest buzz in the town is creating virtual identities; for people, places, organizations or institutions. People are coming up with web pages and sites for multifarious functions. In this era, where most things are available at the click of a mouse, it becomes important to have a representation on the web. We help create and design websites . We cater to different needs based on user preference.

web design sri lanka

- Leading Dynamic Website Designer

Over the years, we have developed applications across a cross section of business areas addressing real business situations through, planning strategically, combining domain expertise with advanced technology, reducing development cycle time, streamlining processes, increasing operational efficiencies and minimizing cost to generate a better and faster ROI.So when you think about WEB DESIGN SRI LANKA and SMO companies in Assam to increase the visibility of your website on internet, talk to us and find out why we are one of the best WEB DESIGN SRI LANKA service provider who Best web design companies sri lanka can help you with our professional approach.

we firmly believe that web design is an art in itself that amalgamates creative mind, talent and best of the programming knowledge. We boast of our design artists who have seen changes in the industry over the decades and are the masters of the trade. Their dedicated work and a psyche of perfection have led us to the position of the best Best web design companies sri lanka website design company in web design sri lanka and we strive to maintain our excellence without any compromise.

website development sri lanka When it comes to a static website, it has certain drawbacks. Despite the fact that it’s easier and quicker to load, it suffers in the long term, as the content on the static website can become stagnant after a point of time. Also, it is not of a greater use to the audience because of its basic nature. In case you want to avoid any such issues in the future, it is always advisable to go with a dynamic website.

web design sri lanka

- Leading Startup Website Designer

The Sri lankan Startup Ecosystem is maturing into one of the best ecosystems among all, with government initiatives and financial backing from all world leading investors, the stakes will rise higher. In such time one needs crisp impeccable startup consultation and nurturing to put the right step forward from the very beginning.

web design sri lanka

- Leading Responsive Website Designer There are a host of systems available in the world through which a person can access the net these days. This might be making it easier for the consumers it is a very big challenge for those creating websites. website development sri lanka They now have the additional burdening of creating websites that can be adapted by each of these devices. A separate version for the desktops and laptops, another for the mobile phones and an altogether different one for the I-phones! However, responsive web designing has helped solve a lot of these troubles.

web design sri lanka

Leading Website Re-Designer If you have decided that your current website does not strive to fulfil the purpose that it was created for you must go for a re-designing of the website. If you are not satisfied with the outcomes of the website, then perhaps there is an ever increasing need to come up with something bigger and better.

web design sri lanka

- Leading Mobile Website Designer

Technology has made headway into each one of our lives. With the onset of the technological revolution, gadgets have become a common sight. The one thing that has grown by leaps and bounds is the mobile industry. Also after the ushering in of web design sri lanka era, the usage of mobile phones increased from merely calling and messaging to using internet on it too. As internet becomes increasingly accessible on mobile phones, there is an ever increasing need to create websites and pages that are suited for handheld devices like phones and tablets.

web design sri lanka

Leading Custom Website Designer

Websites in this age and time are a unique identity of any enterprise. You could be the one dealing in online services or someone who owns a website for a private, non-profit reason. But increasingly enough the trend is to get a virtual identity for your ideas in terms of a website. Nesting a New Habitat of Thoughts website development sri lanka There are certain features that need to be kept in mind while coming up with a website according to the needs of a client:

web design sri lanka

Leading E-commerce Designer and Developer

web design sri lanka

Technologies not only helps you in designing and development but we provide solutions with logistics, payment partners and help in setting up warehousing solutions for your brand. With website development sri lanka degree experience we have proved and shown again and again that we are the leading Ecommerce website designing and development agency in Sri lanka

Website Design and Development

Let First Impressions Last Forever!

Looking for a beautiful, new website? You are at the right place! We deliver cutting edge websites that are beautiful to look at and perform equally well. We ensure a solid user experience that delivers substantially higher audience engagement and conversion rates. website design companies sri lanka Mobile Designs to Seal the Deal

  • Faster load times
  • Cutting edge mobile website designs
  • Carefully planned designs based on user navigation and traffic flows

Although we are a technology company, our real product is customer service. web designing sri lanka prides itself in being highly responsive and completely dedicated to executing to your utmost satisfaction.Building a website for your company can be a devastating experience for clients, who tend to get lost in the ocean of technology like a boat in rough weather.We at web designing sri lanka provide you that much needed beacon of light. Our web consultants hold your hand and guide you through the process, thereby making the whole-experience customer-friendly, cost-effective and stress-free.

  • Website Design & Development – Html, PHP, JQUERY, JAVA, FLASH, WordPress
  • Responsive design to enable ease of access on mobile devices.
  • WordPress websites using a CMS that allows our clients to maintain their own websites.
  • E Commerce website solutions – Online shopping cart using WooCommerce Solutions
  • Graphic Designing including Banners, Logo’s, Favicons, EBook Covers.
  • Edit Videos, Images and All Media
  • Business Directory Services – Create Landing Pages For Businesses
  • Ongoing follow up / maintenance services

Put our creative talents and vast imagination to work for you and your business. We are here to create experiences that engage, target, convert & build your audience into loyal online customers. Development Company offers website design companies sri lanka for any kind of business or industry. web design sri lanka creative team spends time to understand your business and plans out a template.

  • Ensuring cross platform compatibility

web design sri lanka

Sri lanka's leading web designing company, offers exclusive mobile website designing services. The web is going mobile - especially on the iPhone, Blackberry, Tablets, PDA's and other hand-held devices. Large names like Google, web design sri lanka website design companies sri lanka brands have already developed mobile- friendly designs. As faster bandwidths and lower rates spread across the world, no business can afford to have only computer-based websites. The science of mobile website designing is one that needs careful understanding. It requires specific fonts, narrower layout, optimized images and careful choice of important elements that need to show up first. We at web design sri lanka

have studied these requirements carefully and hold the capability to do mobile website development of various complexities. With our mobile web design services, users with Blackberries, iPhones, Ipads, PDA's and other devices can browse your website more easily than your competitor's. We also design user interfaces for mobile applications.

We are the travel technology experts, Providing cutting-edge digital solutions for online travel agents, tour operators and more. Travel & Tourism Websites Specialist Mobile Friendly Websites Design & Development We specialise in designing hotel websites which generate results.We know that image matters and that is why our hotel website designers create our client websites to all have distinctive styles that create impact and give people a flavour of all your hotel has to offer.

Our web design and development services are popular among small and medium business due to cost effective solutions. We use of experience to cut short own overheads for benefit of our customers in Sri Lanka

So how do you know if mobile website designing is right for you? It's not just right, but essential if:

  • You're a new business
  • You want to stay ahead of your competitor
  • Our competitor already has a slick mobile website design
web design sri lanka

website design companies sri lanka has built a reputation for high quality website designing & WEB DESIGN SRI LANKA services We also have expertise in CMS based website designing & development. As information changes rapidly, you need the flexibility to manage your website quickly and effectively. If you have a lot of content on your website which you update on a regular basis, opt for our Content Management System and manage the content on your own. While our CMS is technically strong we'll make sure it's easy to operate at the same time website design companies sri lanka. It's simple, effective and doesn't require any knowledge of HTML. offers small to medium businesses end to end online solutions. We apply our proven methodology to achieve a clean, clear and successful web experience. This, website development company sri lanka balanced with our 5 years of in-house web development expertise enables us to be poised to deliver your web presence at the highest level. We manages your entire site development from a unique brand identity to your web design and build; incorporating all the business tools you'll need to manage your site now and in ​​​​​​​website development company sri lanka the future.